Intrepid Sojouner Brewmaster Andrew Moore will re-deliver his talk selected for GABF's Brewers Studio Pavilion the preceding Saturday, titled "Brewing with Adjuncts: Talking Back a Dirty Word," as part of the ongoing Sojourner Beer Talks co-hosted with Atlas Obscura's Denver chapter.

Moore started brewing as an archaeology student in Turkey and Jordan. Inspired by his travels, he began experimenting with flavors like Basil, Turkish Coffee, Lavender, and even Garlic. When the brewery opened in 2017, the influence was opened to adjuncts from the entire world. 

Join Andrew and help him take back the word 'adjunct,' tarnished by its association with corn, rice and other starchy non-barley products. Beginning with the philosophy that beer is food, the beers take on a wide range of flavors from all kinds of adjuncts. Andrew is expanding the word 'adjunct' beyond its current affiliation and pushing the boundaries of flavor and experimentation. 

He will offer up some of his latest creations to show how adjuncts can be a positive in craft beers and that beer can do much more than simply taste good.

The talk is free, but tickets are available at – guests with tickets will receive 25% off drinks at Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project. Please bring a valid ID and your ticket. Seating is not guaranteed and is available on a first-come first-served basis.