In ironic fashion, Wes got his climbing start in Florida when his roommate, and eventual Everest summiteer, invited him to the climbing gym. It was love at first belay and as soon as he moved to Washington state a few months later he sought out and completed a climbing course offered through The Mountaineers. Eventually venturing into almost all forms of climbing (rock, ice, snow, glacier, alpine), Wes began to work toward a goal he had set his sights on when he learned about its existence as a small kid growing up in rural west Texas: Mt. Everest. With progressively higher climbs in Europe and South America, and innumerable training climbs in the U.S., Wes got a chance to live his life long dream and climbing goal in the spring of 2017.  Sign up for free through Atlas Obsura and receive a 25% discount off of your bar tab night of the event.