We’ve seen a great expansion of the concept of what beer can be in the last generation, but we know beer can still become so much more. Andrew has expanded his repertoire beyond flavors influenced by his Mediterranean archaeological digs, the birthplace of his stout with Turkish coffee & his hefeweizen inspired by the apricots he’d pick straight from the field during lunch breaks on digs. The Intrepid Sojourner thoughtfully sources spices & herbs for flavors inspired by cuisines the world over – from the peated malts of Scottish whiskies to Mexican chocolate & horchata ingredients; to sweet Italian basil, Thai basil, purple basil; to Indian chai & chamomile; to lavender, garlic & sage; to cardamom, cubeb pepper, & blade mace; to pears, Moroccan medjool dates, & roasted Palisade peaches from right here in Colorado – enhancing flavors inherent to indigenous beer styles to both fascinate the beer expert & simultaneously make beer more accessible to craft-brew skeptics.

And as a complement to the contemporary standards you expect in a Colorado brewery’s taproom – such as our West Coast & rye IPAs; Czech-, German-, & American-style pilsners; Belgian blondes & quads, Bavarian weizenbocks & doppelbocks, English ESBs, Irish Reds, Scottish 80 shillings, & French saisons – you’ll find clever twists, such as an IPA with all-New Zealand hops (Pacific Jade & Motueka) & a British-style brown ale with American IBU muscle, as well as regional & historical styles like the oak-smoked Polish grätzer – the “Polish Champagne” that went out of commercial production when the Communist government collapsed – the Finnish sahti, traditionally brewed with juniper for want of hops in the Nordic countries – the Australian sparkling ale, a highly carbonated pale ale made to compete with light lagers Down Under – the Slavic kvass, Mesoamerican chicha & pulque, & others.

[GR] denotes gluten reduced.

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RELEASED SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 17! Belgian Blonde w/ Herbal Tea Spices: (比利时金发女郎与凉茶香料) [GR] Brewed for our Chinese New Year Party, this iteration of our Belgian Blonde is made w/ turmeric, ginger root, orange peel, & dong quai. 20 IBU, 5.9% ABV. 乾杯!

Squash & Fenugreek English IPA: [GR] Brewed w/ 70 lbs. of acorn squash from Grower's Organic, the roasted gourd complements the Victory & Biscuit malts. Fenugreek seed & leaf bring anise & maple notes to the earthy pepperiness of the English hops. 53 IBU, 6.1% ABV. Cheers!

Pear Saison: (Saison Poire) [GR] Pear flavors this French-style saison. Honey rye & flaked rye give it smooth mouthfeel & a beautiful copper color. Served in a Munique glass. 5.0% ABV. Santé!

Basil IPA: [GR] (Birra Chiara Indiana Basilica ) Our best-seller, this is a delicate balance of hops, malt and basil, an herb known to the Greeks in the 3rd century BCE. The earthy, spiciness of the basil accentuates the 3-pounds-per-barrel of juicy American hops. All of the flavors work synergistically to create a thirst-quenching, sessionable ale. Served in a Revival glass. 64 IBU, 7.1% ABV. Salute!

Pumpkin Sage Red IPA: [GR] Brewed with pumpkins from the Stewart farm in Greenwood Village, this gives the IPA fan a seasonal alternative to the plethora of pumpkin-spice beers: 1 lb. of sage from Colorado Aquaponics (& another 2.5 oz. for dry-“hopping”) give this malty Red IPA a flavor reminiscent of savory holiday dishes. Served in a Revival glass. 65 IBU, 6.7% ABV. Cheers! Released 12/9.

Rye IPA: [GR] Rye gives it a garnet color & a strong malt backbone to complement the hop-forward bitterness of an IPA. Served in a Revival glass. 64 IBU, 6.8% ABV. Cheers!

DOS LUCES BREWERY Chicha Morada: [GF] A collaboration with Dos Luces Brewery, set to open in Denver in 2018 focusing on chicha & pulque, this Incan & Peruvian tradition is brewed with purple & blue corn, cinnamon, clove, & lime juice. Very refreshing! Non-alcoholic. ¡Salud!

B.A. Imperial Turkish Coffee Stout: [GR] (Bira Türk Kahvesi Imparatorluk) Brewed using local malt, yeast, and spices and aged in a Breckenridge spiced-rum barrel, the mellow booze notes are accentuated by earthy Turkish Coffee, sweet orange peel, peppery green cardamom pods, blade mace and cubeb pepper. A rich, Middle East-inspired, coffee-centric imperial stout. Served in a Snifter. 11.6% ABV. Şerefe & sláinte!

Bavarian Weizenbock: (Weizenbock Bayerisch) Take a trip to the beer halls of Germany. A stronger, maltier version of a dunkelweizen with pronounced yeast esters of juicy dates and ripe prunes. Bold and complex yet not too heavy for a summer's day. The wheat keeps it light and a little spicy. Served in a Footed Pilsner Glass. 9.3% ABV. Prost!

Lavender Tripel: [GR] Made with dried lavender in this batch for a more floral-forward flavor, the cane sugar ensures a dry finish, but a sweetness lingers on the palate, building with each sip. Served in a Chalice. 8.7% ABV. Proost & santé!

Turkish Coffee Stout: [GR] (Bira Türk Kahvesi) Our stout, brewed in the higher-alcohol and hoppier foreign/export style originally created to withstand lengthy shipments to the colonies, stands up to our added flavors of Turkish coffee, cardamom, and sweet orange peel, evoking the Arabic preparation of Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee beans are ground into the finest possible powder and instead of being filtered like coffee styles originating further West are simmered in a small, long-handled metal pot called a cezve. This coffee style spread to the various regions of the world influenced by the Ottoman Empire, ranging from southeastern Europe to North Africa to the Middle East to the Caucasus, each with preferred regional spices to complement the bitterness of this coffee. In the Middle East, cardamom is the spice of choice; our orange is a more unique option. Served in an Imperial Pint glass. 7.0% ABV. Şerefe & sláinte!

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Releasing 3/17: Dry Irish Stout

Bavarian Doppelbock

Belgian Quad

Collaboration Fest 2018 Sour, w/ 105W Brewing Co.: Our first sour, an imperial saison made in chardonnay barrels for the Colorado Brewers Guild's March 31 festival. 

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Transatlantic Brown: [GR] This beer occupies the space between American and British browns. Expect notes of chocolate, roasted barley and coffee, but expect them to sit side-by-side with a strong and spicy hop flavor. This beer is all British plus the American IBU muscle. Served in an Imperial Pint glass. 40 IBU, 6.0% ABV. Cheers!

Australian Sparking Ale: [GR] We're expanding our international repertoire with our take on an Australian beer staple. Light-bodied and moderately hoppy it takes advantage of the all-Australian Pride of Ringwood hop. An effervescent pale ale from our friends down under. Served in a Footed Pilsner Glass. 26 IBU, 5.25% ABV. Cheers, mate!

Polish Grätzer: (Piwo Grodziskie) The grätzer is a traditional beer style originating in western Poland. Once known as Polish champagne for its high quality and high carbonation and exported to dozens of nations before World War II, it floundered and ultimately disappeared commercially in the early 1990s after years of neglect under the Communist regime. Interest from the homebrewing community revived the style in this century. Though grätzer was described a century ago as having an intense hop flavor, today is it known for its smokiness: The wheat malt is dried in a kiln directly by oak smoke, which gives it its smoky aroma and flavor. Served in a Footed Pilsner glass. 5.1% ABV. Na zdrowie!

RE-RELEASING 3/31 FOR COLORADO CRAFT BEER WEEK'S COLLABORATION FEST "Gretelbier" – Gingerbread Helles Bock: [GR] (Helles Bock Lebkuchen) Brewed in collaboration with Spice Trade Brewing for the Inaugural Gingerbread Invitational, this is liquid gingerbread! A malty lager is, like gingerbread, it's slightly sweet & bready, pairing perfectly w/ the gingerbread spices.


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Belgian Blonde: This was the first beer brewed on our brand-new, seven-barrel Alpha Brewing Operations system. Crisp and brite with a spicy Belgian nose. This is a great beer to enjoy on our patio in the early summer weather. Served in a Munique glass. 4.5% ABV. Proost & santé!

Garlic Amber: This amber, though American at its roots, focuses on the maltier side of things in order to compliment the garlic flavor. Served in Imperial Pint glass. 5.4% ABV. Cheers!

Irish Red: (Èireann Dearg) Our easy-drinking Irish Red is reminiscent of a freshly-spiced muffin, or sugar as it begins to slowly caramelize. It's deep garnet color should put you in the mindset of rubies, emeralds, or pots of gold. Give your palate a break from summer hop intensity and travel to Ireland for an hour! Served in a British Imperial Pint. 5.6% ABV. Sláinte!

Scottish 80 Shilling: (Ceithir Fichead Tasdain) A mild aroma of dates and raisins results in a light, fruity sensation on your palate. Named after the historic way in which Scottish beer was taxed, it is subtle and slightly malt forward with a dry finish, low fruity esters, and a hint of butterscotch. Served in an Imperial Pint glass. 4.2% ABV. Slàinte!

West Coast IPA: Intrepid Sojourner's version of the American taproom staple, this style of India Pale Ale is more resinous and dank than its New England or Colorado cousins. Served in a Revival glass. 69 IBU, 7.2% ABV. Cheers, dude!

Finnish Sahti: A traditional Finnish beer that utilizes juniper berries, which share some of the same bittering and preservative qualities of hops. One pound of berries went into the mash, one pound into the boil, and five pounds for dry hopping. Strong and dark, with a hint of bittersweet baker's chocolate. Served in a Munique glass. 7.4% ABV. Kippis!

New Zealand IPA: Intrepid Sojourner's version of the American taproom staple, this style of India Pale Ale is more resinous and dank than its New England or Colorado cousins. Served in a Revival glass. 79 IBU, 7.2% ABV. Chur! 

Imperial Basil IPA: [GR] (Birra Chiara Indiana Basilica Imperiale) Our popular basil IPA is back and bigger than ever. We collaborated with Root Shoot Malting and Inland Island to craft a delicious summer treat. Hopped with 5 pounds of fresh basil in addition to Columbus, Magnum, Citra, and Centennial Hops, it's an earthy, herbal delight! Served in a Snifter. 10.5% ABV. Salute!

Czech Pilsner: [GR] Slightly fruity; crisp and refreshing. Served in a Footed Pilsner glass. 5.4% ABV. Na zdraví!

English ESB: [GR] This Extra Special Bitter is 100% inspired by its English roots. The smooth caramel and toffee flavors of the malt are balanced by a healthy dose of Challenger bittering hops for a medium-bodied brown ale that finishes dry, yet stays smooth on the palate. Served in an Imperial Pint. 35 IBU, 5.5% ABV. Cheers!

Strong Scotch Ale: (Leann Làidir) We've stayed true to the malty roots of this beer, but were unable to keep our love of Islay scotches at bay. A small amount of peated malt separates this ale from its Wee Heavy kin. Clean yeast and a mild hop earthiness accentuate the peat and hold up to the American oak. Served in a Snifter. 7.6% ABV. Slàinte!

Flavor-Rotating Imperial Saison: [GR] (Saison Impériale) In the mood for a sweet treat? Enjoy this Imperial twist on a French classic. Served in a Belgian tulip. 9.0% ABV. Santé!

Rye Saison: (Saison Seigle) A lightly fruity aroma blends well with the spicy rye notes and the floral clove-like characteristics of the Belgian yeast. A fusion of a French classic with flaked American Rye this bronze-colored beverage is perfect for the patio on a warm summer's day. Served in a Munique glass. 5.25% ABV. Santé!

Nitro Chai Brown: (चाय ब्राउन ऐले) This brown ale takes the drinker down the ancient trails of the Silk Road, showcasing spices from central and southern Asia – see if you can taste anise, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and pepper. It has been infused with lactose for a smoother, sweeter mouthfeel. Served in an Imperial Pint. 6% ABV. अच्छी सेहत!

Purple Basil IPA: (Birra Chiara Indiana Basilica Viola) Brewed with 5 pounds of fresh, whole-plant purple basil and with Magnum, Centennial, Citra, and Columbus hops. Served in a Revival glass. 64 IBU, 7.1% ABV. Salute!

Apricot-&-Date Hefeweizen: (Aprikose- und Datemhefeweizen) The inspiration for the Apricot-and-Date Hefeweizen came from a summer picking apricots off trees in a field in Turkey. They complement the banana and clove flavors natural to the yeast of the pale and hazy Bavarian wheat beer. Add some medjool dates, native to Morocco, into the mix, and the beer becomes much smoother. Served in a Weizen glass. 4.9% ABV. Şerefe und prost!

Chamomile Hefe-Wit: (Kamilleweißbier) Almost clear in color, with chamomile, sweet orange peel, and coriander added, our Hefe-Wit has a Hefeweizen malt bill with wit ingredients and Belgian Ale Yeast. Tettnanger and Hallertau hops. Served in a Weizen glass. 6.0% ABV. Prosit!

Hickory Peach Wee Heavy: [GR] Inspired by the fusion of our Indiana roots and Colorado culture, this beer fuses the caramel and marshmallow notes of roasted hickory bark with the sweet and smoky flavor of roasted and smoked peaches. Partially caramelized by hot stones, this beer is a fruit tree in liquid form. Served in a Snifter. 9.3% ABV. Bottoms up!

Horchata Milk Stout: [GR] (Cerveza Negra Leche Horchata) Rice, tiger nut, sesame seed, vanilla, chocolate, lactose, and cinnamon. Brewed for our Día de los Muertos celebration with Museo de las Americas! 64 IBU, 5.5% ABV. ¡Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa' dentro!

DOS LUCES BREWERY Chicha: A collaboration with Dos Luces Brewery, set to open in Denver in 2018 focusing on chicha & pulque, this Incan & Peruvian tradition is light-bodied & effervescent, a sessional, clove-forward brew from corn. ¡Salud!